Gamecock Louie Louie Guy: South Carolina’s Dancing Fan

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Gamecock Louie Louie Guy: South Carolina’s Dancing Fan

A few weeks ago, I sat in the stands at Williams-Brice Stadium, sweating, standing, and cheering for my beloved Gamecocks as they rallied against the Kentucky Wildcats. And as I looked up at the Beast Board, I immediately started laughing with delight. While the song “Louie, Louie” by The Kingsman bellowed through the speakers, a man clad in a garnet Gamecock shirt and hat began to dance and point at the camera. Besides the score, watching him was the most whole-hearted and enjoyable thing I had seen all day. In fact, I can imagine that even the cameraman had a hard time not cracking a smile as the whole stadium erupted in cheers. The camera seemed to focus on him a few more times, and every time he lit up the Beast Board, he had some serious moves for Willy B and company to enjoy.
It did not take long for the mystery dancing Carolina fan to become famous on social media. Videos of his gameday gyrating started popping up on Twitter, and the question everyone wanted to know was: “Who is that dude?”
Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to sit and chat with the man behind the board, who we all now know simply as “Gamecock Louie Louie Guy.”

The Interview

LB: Ok. What is your name, or would you like to just stay “Gamecock Louie”?
Louie, Louie: I’ll stick with Louie Louie Guy for now! @USCLouieLouie on Twitter.
LB: Where did you go to college? What do you do for a living?
LL: I went to USC ’14. I work in college athletics marketing and ticket sales at a school in North Carolina.
LB: How long have you been a Gamecock fan, and do you go to all of the games, home and away? Who is your favorite Gamecock of all time? 
LL: I became a Gamecock fan when I started college there. I was in high school and went to the ’09 game at NC State and fell in love there too. I would be at every game if I could, but working in college sports, I have a lot of schedule conflicts. So I make it down for 2-3 football, basketball, and baseball games in Columbia a year. Usually, I make it to the bowl games and an occasional away game as well. Favorite Gamecock ever is Connor Shaw.
LB: I know someone who has wanted Williams-Brice Stadium to play the song “Louie Louie” at a game for quite some time. I, personally, have voted for them to play it as well. Are you a fan of the song? I mean, who isn’t, right?!
LL: I love the song! It reminds me of my fraternity party days at Carolina. It’s an awesome tradition from the 80s that I hope we are bringing back full time! It would mean the world to me to be a small part in bringing back this USC staple.
LB: What was your first thought when you realized that you were on the Beast Board?
LL: I wasn’t even dancing when they first put me on there. I was in a great mood because it was 17-0 so I just thought, ‘give the people what they want!’ Chubby guys dancing is usually a crowd-pleaser, and I’m just the guy to do it.
LB: Well, more importantly, do you always dance at the game?
LL: Hahaha. No, not always, but I will now!
LB: You certainly were enjoying yourself, and I think everyone who attended that game absolutely loved it! Did you ever think all of the notoriety would come from just having fun at a college football game?
LL: The notoriety is a total surprise. I didn’t realize something “big” had happened until after the game, and I kept getting stopped by fans on my walk back to my car for photos, autographs, and high fives.
LB: Ok, on a serious note now. As an alumnus and die-hard Carolina girl myself, I have struggled this year, with the rest of the fans, watching our season. What are your thoughts on the performance of the Gamecocks up until now? And what do you think they should do for the remainder of the season?
LL: Going 2-3 is certainly a disappointing start, but trust me, no one is taking it more personal than the players and staff. Our running backs, Feaster and Dowdle, have been bright spots. I’m so excited for the future of Ryan Hilinski, and our defense has been outstanding at times. 5-7 is a likely finish, but I believe in our guys that we can rattle off a few upsets and reach a bowl game.
LB: Do we keep Muschamp? And why?
LL: I think we will and should. He’s got the most wins through his first three seasons in program history, three straight bowls, two straight Mr. Football SC have come to USC, top 20 recruiting class coming in. Next year, year five should be much more telling, a program full of his recruits. I’m not happy with the start to the season, and no one should be, but I think overall Muschamp is building a contestant bowl appearance team that will soon make the next step to compete for division and conference titles.
LB: In your opinion, what is an absolute MUST for tailgating?
LL: Good music, cold beer.
LB: In your opinion, which SEC head coach will not be coaching next season?
LL: Chad Morris
LB: What are your thoughts on the South Carolina Fair Pay-to-Play bill that has been introduced to pay college football players?
LL: Really complicated issue. To me, football should be removed from the Title IX equation, it is too big of an enterprise. Paying players would also not be possible for a large majority of CFB programs. Players should be able to build their own brands and profit from their likeness. I am also for whatever it takes to get an EA sports CFB video game back.
LB: Completely agree. NCAA Football is the best video game ever. Ok, who is taking home the Natty this year?
LL: Bama.
LB: Ok, last but certainly not least… Finish this statement: “Gamecock football is ______.”
LL: Gamecock football is passionate.
Well, “passion” is certainly something that every Gamecock fan knows about. It takes a lot of it to be one, to remain loyal to the team, to the coach, and to the staff, through the 1-11 seasons as well as the 11-1 seasons. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions thus far. Fans have listed Will Muschamp’s house for sale, demanded that Ray Tanner be fired, sold off their season tickets. We have cheered, high-fived, hugged, kissed, tied rally towels together, and drank a lot of White Claw. There were equal amounts of tears shed against UNC as there was against Georgia, and for very different reasons. And hell, we’re only halfway through the schedule. But I think when it comes to South Carolina football, Gamecock Louie, Louie says it best: Stay Humble. Play Louie, Louie.
Go Gamecocks!

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Gamecock Louie Louie Guy. Photo Courtesy of: The Sawyer & Sal Show


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