CFB Favorite Gameday Food

CFB Favorite Gameday Food
File Photo: Part of the pageantry of college football is the tailgating experience and some of the best gameday foods. (Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As to be expected, CFB gameday food will vary by taste, culture, and of course regionally. There are literally 100’s of thoughts on everyone’s CFB favorite gameday food. This piece will focus on Saturday CFB favorite gameday food at home.  Conversely, there will be no secret recipes included here.

CFB Favorite Gameday Food

Order in vs Home-Cooked

To be honest, there’s not much “meat” to discuss in this area. Quality game day food must be cooked at home.  Your friends will always encourage you to go where the best CFB food is…everyone has the same game on!

Know Your Limitations

Don’t try and cook something that is above your ability. That being said, do not try and reinvent the wheel either. Stick to traditional CFB foods. Remember, these are generally hardcore CFB fans.  Know your audience.

Budget Your Time

Plan your game day food at least two days in advance.  With that in mind, you can have everything set to go before College Gameday.

Grill vs Kitchen

The grill should be the first choice for CFB game day.  With that being said there are options for the kitchen as well.


Without a doubt, the top CFB game day favorite food comes off the grill. The top choice from the grill is, of course, barbeque ribs.  On the other hand, great barbecue chicken is a solid choice on the grill.  Of course, the key is in the barbecue sauce. Anyone can throw some meat on a grill. The homemade marinade/sauce is what will bring your friends back for more! In addition, no CFB meal on the grill is complete without brats!  Conversely, hot dogs are for three things…the stadium, little kids, and those that can’t cook.


On the other hand, a lot can be said for kitchen food.  Many CFB favorite gameday foods can be prepared in the kitchen. First on the list, homemade chili.  With that being said, chili should be reserved for later in the season.  Everyone knows chili is most definitely cold-weather football food. In like manner, great football food is good ole red beans and cornbread. With respect, red beans and cornbread are more of a southern favorite.

The Bottom Line

College football gameday food is relative to the individual. Nothing mentioned here should be a spur of the moment preparation. Proper planning, and time management are required for the CFB favorite gameday food.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter who your favorite team is.  College football in this country is something very special.  Make sure your game day food is fitting of the great tradition of college football.

In retrospect, if you disagree or have a CFB game day favorite not listed feel free to leave a comment.

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