All Gas, No Brakes, All Heart: South Carolina Beats Ole Miss

South Carolina beats Ole Miss
COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 27: South Carolina Gamecocks helmet. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

I refer to them as the “Cardiac Cocks”, because Lord knows, having a strong heart is required to be a South Carolina Gamecock fan. I sat, I stood, I paced, I bit my nails, I cussed, I cheered, I prayed.

And that was just during kick off.

I think I may have even cried during the 10-point deficit during the fourth quarter. But, as a strong-hearted Gamecock, I endured the entire game against Ole Miss on Saturday.

All Gas, No Brakes, All Heart

It was offensive, and I’m not talking about the four-letter ones that I uttered under my breath at the TV. The Gamecocks started out with Deebo doing Deebo things, taking it 90 yards into the end zone, his first kick return touchdown of the season and fourth of his career.

Quarterback Wishes

Jake Bentley was…how do I put this…the quarterback. He made timely decisions, he was accurate, he was calm, and he connected on some pretty impressive plays. He was the quarterback, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Bentley amassed 363 yards, second-highest of his career, at a 184.7 rating. His performance against Ole Miss was probably the best I’ve seen against a conference opponent this season.

After the kickoff return and holding the Rebels to a field goal, South Carolina covered 75 yards in a little over two minutes, which included a 50-yard run and subsequent touchdown from Ty’Son Williams. Ole Miss came knocking on the end zone door again but was met by 258 lb. defensive end, D.J. Wonnum, who answered by saying “get off our lawn.”

After an incredible catch from Shi Smith that had me jumping up and down, the Gamecocks settled for a 20-yard field goal from Parker White to bring the score to 17-3.

Ole Miss answered in the second quarter with a touchdown by Scottie Phillips, followed by another field goal during their next possession, to close the gap to 17-13.

Touchdown Dreams

Think Alshon. Think one-handed catch. Enter Bryan Edwards. Seventy-five yards. One hand behind the defender’s back. Keeping his balance. Staying in the lines. Then, running it in. Holy shi…..smith. Unbelievable play. I’m fairly certain my neighbors were calling the police at this point with all the screaming going on in my house.

After an offensive slug-fest throughout the middle of the game, enter the ten-point deficit. After Gamecock wide receiver Shi Smith dropped the ball, a tear fell into my beer, and I thought to myself, “This is it. This is how we will give away this game.” However, Bentley and company responded, and responded well.

Bentley passed for two touchdowns, scoring the game-winning TD, his first rushing touchdown of the season, on a 4-yard run with 5:50 left to go to seal the deal, 48-44.

“We had to respond,” Bentley said. “That was the message all day. We’re going to have respond each and every time they scored. “In that moment, nobody panicked, nobody got rattled.”

It was a good day for the garnet and black.

Pyrrhic Victory

Unfortunately, most great victories come with fallen soldiers. And South Carolina is no stranger to injuries. On Sunday, Coach Will Muschamp announced that a couple of Gamecocks would be out for the remainder of the season, including Jamyest Williams (shoulder) and Javon Charleston (foot), who will have surgery this week. The numerous other injuries that occurred during the game against Ole Miss did not seem to concern Muschamp greatly. He seemed confident that running backs Rico Dowdle and Ty’Son Williams, as well as defensive end Aaron Sterling and offensive lineman Malik Young, would all be ready to play this upcoming Saturday. There is still no return date for seniors J.T. Ibe (knee) and Nick Harvey (concussion), both of which have already missed several games this season.

That being said, there may be a shift in positions as the Gamecocks head into the beginning of the week to prepare for their last SEC opponent for the season.

Saturday, South Carolina will head to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainsville on November 10th, to face the Florida Gators. Kick off between the Gamecocks (5-3, 4-3) and the No. 11 Gators (6-3, 4-3) will be at noon broadcasted on ESPN.

Make sure you hit the cardio this week!

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COLUMBIA, SC – OCTOBER 27: South Carolina Gamecocks helmet. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


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