LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Championship Results

Pictured are key members of the T.C. Williams Titans football team which overcame great odds to win the Virignia State High School Championship shown in the film Remember the Titans.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. That’s what we have staring at us as we have gone from 42 movies to one. We’ve seen plenty of surprises and dominating performances along the way. As we take you through the Final 4 and the National Championship game we’ll take a look at the journey and how each team got here. With no further delays, join us as we provide our recap of the LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Championship results.

Final 4 Match-Ups

(1) Remember the Titans vs (12) The Waterboy

We’ve chronicled in detail the dominance that Remember the Titans has shown throughout this tournament. To win each contest by an 80% voting clip each matchup is quite impressive.

Meanwhile, The Waterboy is a bit of a Cinderella to make it the Final 4 as a #12 seed. They were able to take down a prohibitive favorite in the Sweet 16 in defeating Friday Night Lights. Can the reign of dominance continue for the Titans or will we see a “Bourbon Bowl” victory of sorts?

Some of our movies have become lost in time based on some of the voting trends. Remember the Titans has the advantage from a dramatic message vs the overall silliness of The Waterboy. While the 80% victory streak comes to an end, the Titans still win comfortably and make it to the National Championship game. Titans win 75% to 25%.

Winner: Remember the Titans

(7) The Blind Side vs (9) Varsity Blues

This tournament had the look of an inevitable Remember the Titans vs Rudy championship game. But, The Blind Side had something to say about that. In the biggest upset of the tournament, Rudy was defeated and sent The Blind Side into the Final 4.

On the other side, Varsity Blues may have had one of the more difficult routes. They had to navigate through The Longest Yard, Radio, and Little Giants just to make it here. Their ride has given a whole new name to the “puke and rally” quote.

While this movie still lived up to its prediction of the closer of the two national semi-final games. However, the margin was surprisingly comfortable. Varsity Blues moves on by a count of 58% to 42%.

Winner: Varsity Blues

National Championship Matchup

(1) Remember the Titans vs (9) Varsity Blues

This is the moment that we have all been waiting for. Championship games bring out the best in everyone. The lights shine a little brighter. Pressure gets just a little bit tighter. Every shot, play, or in this instance vote is that much more important.

Remember the Titans has run roughshod over the rest of the competition in having at least a 50% margin of victory in each contest. To win a championship, you must be solid in all parts of the game. The Titans deliver in every way possible. There is a dominating and inspiring on-screen performance by Denzel Washington. Then, there is the message that this film delivers that regardless of the era in which the movies is viewed always seems to hit home.

Conversely, Varsity Blues has continued to relish that underdog role through the entire tournament. Hoping to carry that underdog momentum all the way to a National Championship, Varsity Blues is a story that’s often been told. Jon Voight delivers as the head coach that is focused on winning no matter the cost. With an inspiring tale of a team rising up and playing for each other despite the coach this film gets the juices flowing.

Okay, it’s time for all the whooping and hollering to end and for us to crown a champion. Remember the Titans keep up with the consistency of the entire tournament and puts together another solid performance. The Titans are victorious and our Football Movie Tournament National Champion! Remember the Titans win 76% to 24%.

Winner: Remember the Titans


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