Jonathan Giles Can Become LSU’s Next Great Wide Receiver

Jonathan Giles
File photo. LSU wide receiver Jonathan Giles works in drills on the first day of Football Spring Training at the LSU football practice complex. (Photo courtesy Patrick Dennis/The Advocate)

Jonathan Giles transferred to LSU in 2017. Having to sit out one year due to transfer rules, the star receiver has had time to learn the offense. Heading into 2018, Giles is expected to be the go-to receiver for whichever quarterback starts under center for the Tigers. Despite multiple position battles, Giles should be the primary receiver when September arrives. His ability to catch passes only positions him to become the next great receiver for the Tigers.

Jonathan Giles: The Next Great LSU Receiver

Coming into 2018, Giles is learning the new offense under new coordinator Steve Ensminger. With much depth at the position, the Tigers are stacked at receiver yet again. The receiving corps in 2018 could prove to be dominant, as has become the norm in Baton Rouge. However, despite having to sit out one season, Giles is ready to put in work on the field. Being the go-to receiver at LSU takes a lot of ethic and hard work. On top of that, Giles is wearing the prestigous number 7. A number that has been worn by some of the greatest in LSU history (Leonard Fournette, Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu just to name a few). Giles has the potential of both Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry combined into one player. His arm length will give him an advantage over opposing defenders while running to catch passes.

Who Starts Opposite of Giles?

The Tigers fan base knows that Giles is likely WR1 for 2018. But who will start on the other side to complete the dominant receiving corps? That answer is still in the air. Drake Davis, Stephen Sullivan, and others will compete for the WR2 spot. Whichever player starts opposite of Giles will complete the offense at receiver and play a major role this season. With the addition of Joe Burrow at QB, LSU is expected to be more of a pass-heavy team this season. Ensminger loves for his offense to throw the ball heavily. With lengthy receivers, this LSU offense will thrive in 2018. The addition of Giles last season had the fan base electric. Without him, the position battle for the starter would still be on-going.

Giles brings a unique skill set to the offense. His route running abilities shadow what Odell Beckham accomplished as a receiver for the Tigers. The pass-catching abilities could set him apart as one of the best receivers in the country. His ability to run after the catch and his run-blocking ability are what will set him apart.

During his stint at Texas Tech, Giles broke onto the scene as a pass-catcher. Tech fans surely became fascinated with him, until he decided to transfer out. When he committed to LSU, the fans knew what they were getting. But that’s only half of the story. Though he has yet to play in a real game for the Tigers, the hype around Giles is settling in. Expected to be a star, Giles has to prove it on the field. If he can accomplish what other receivers have done in the past, he could become the next great receiver from LSU to make it to the NFL.


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