LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Elite 8 Results

Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron star as Leighe Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher in 2009 Oscar winning film, The Blind Side

We’ve made it to the last four movies standing. Inevitably, there is always an assumption about how we analyze and predict each game in any bracket tournament. And, somehow, it always tends to go off script. Like with the real tournament, we have dominant performances and shocking upsets. That trend continues this week as we see yet another shocking upset. Join us as we provide our recap of the LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Elite 8 results.


Elite 8 Match-Ups

(1) Remember the Titans vs (13) The Replacements

Remember the Titans have steamrolled through competition in this tournament. They have garnered at least 80% of the vote in every contest to date. Meanwhile, The Replacements have had somewhat of a surprise run. The bullet was effectively dodged in the round of 64 as our fourth-seeded, Brian’s Song was upset by The Program to pave the way to a berth in the Elite Eight. However, the slipper no longer fits as the Mighty, Mighty Titans win again by an 85%-15% clip.

Winner: Remember the Titans

(2) Rudy vs (12) The Waterboy

If you have been following our tournament closely you know this one has been building for awhile. Rudy has advanced through the bracket by defeating Heaven can wait and We are Marshall. But, the vote has slowly been waining for Rudy. Conversely, The Waterboy has picked up momentum as we have navigated through the tournament. That momentum would continue in this round as Bobby Boucher single-handedly takes down two top-five teams in a row by defeating Rudy 60%-40%.

Winner: The Waterboy

(3) The Longest Yard vs (9) Varsity Blues

This game was the closest of all of our Elite 8 contests. We’ve talked a little bit about the advantage that the Longest Yard has in this tournament. The original with Burt Reynolds and the remake with Adam Sandler has given voters two decades worth of comparisons to look at it. Whereas, Varsity Blues was one of the better stories of how parents and coaches put enormous of pressure on 17 and 18-year old kids to succeed on the field at all costs. The pressures and the real-life scenarios of High School Football win the day here as Varsity Blues comes out on top by a score of 53% to 47%.

Winner: Varsity Blues

(6) Jerry Maguire vs (7) The Blind Side

Our final contest brings to us, at least on paper, an even matchup. Dynamic personalities, polarizing figures, and interesting storylines grab the headlines here. The struggle of an agent to adapt to an ever-changing sports economic world battles the story of a young kid with tremendous potential that craves the nurturing to be set up for success. In what was not as close as the experts thought, The Blind Side comes out on top 73% to 37%.

Winner: The Blind Side

Final Four Matchups

Finally, we’ve made it to the last four standing. These final three contests promise to be the closest and most voted on contests of the tournament. We will begin the voting for the Final 4 contests on Monday, May 28th.  Remember, each contest will be on our official Twitter page, @lastwordoncfb  to vote and contribute to the Football Movie National Championship. As a reminder, below are the matchups for the Final 4.

(1) Remember the Titans vs (12) The Waterboy

(7) The Blind Side vs (9) Varsity Blues




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