LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Round of 32 Results

    Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx, pictured, star in Any Given Sunday. They led the way in the most dominating win of the tournament.

    The favorites reigned supreme in the first round as the matchups went chalk in nine of the 10 games. However, for the small sample set of ten games, that’s typically par for the course. Now, as we get into second round play, we’ll see a couple of things come to light. First, there will be many more upsets than expected. And, finally, we will see the powerhouses flex their muscles a bit. Let’s get right into it as we break down the second round as we provide the LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Round of 32 results.


    Second-Round Match-Ups

    (1) Remember the Titans vs (33) Gridiron Gang

    The Rock had a tough task ahead of them. Remember the Titans has no apparent weakness. The movie deals with issues that have plagued our country for years, and of course an inspiring football season. Going up against Denzel Washington is a challenge in of itself. Gridiron Gang could not put up much of a fight as Denzel and company win in dominating fashion, 92%-8%.

    Winner: Remember the Titans

    (16) Any Given Sunday vs (17) Horse Feathers

    This one was over within the first five minutes. At number 16, Any Given Sunday could have been underseeded. The star-studded cast of Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, and Jamie Foxx lead the largest margin of victory in the tournament by garnering 99% of the votes to claim the victory.

    Winner: Any Given Sunday

    (9) Varsity Blues vs (24) Radio

    Inspirational vs Quotable. The inspirational nature of Radio and how he wins over a school, family, and town battles a high school team with all of the pressure in the world against a head coach that everyone loves to hate. The comedic efforts of Billy Bob and Tweeder win over the inspiration in a 71%-29% triumph.

    Winner: Varsity Blues

    (8) North Dallas Forty vs (25) Little Giants

    Could an upset be brewing here? The Little Giants and their band of misfits picked up a victory in their play-in game. They are looking make the Sweet 16 as a play-in participant which seems to happen quite frequently in the basketball tournament. This appeals to the younger audience and the Giants overcome long odds to get in the Sweet 16, 78-22.

    Winner: Little Giants

    (4) Brian’s Song vs (29) The Program

    Could this be the first domino to fall? Could a top-four seed exit this early? That’s exactly what happens here as Joe Kane and Darnell Jefferson narrowly defeat Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers in this monumental upset by a score of 58-42.

    Winner: The Program

    (13) The Replacements vs (20) Draft Day

    A very appropriate match-up here as we are on the heels of the 2018 NFL Draft and both of these films focus on the professional side of the game. The plots of both films are a bit unorthodox but could certainly be a reality. However, the reality of the Cleveland Browns winning the draft is about as fictional as it gets. The Replacements take this one, 73-27.

    Winner: The Replacements

    (12) The Waterboy vs (21) Paper Lion

    Growing up, this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Just hearing the words, “Hey, Waterboy, You’re Fired,” brings back memories. Bobby Boucher sacks George Plimpton as The Waterboy cruises to an easy 94-6 win.

    Winner: The Waterboy

    (5) Friday Night Lights vs (28) All the Right Moves

    You could make an argument that the book and the television series was better than the movie. However, Friday Night Lights carries a lot of importance. This movie set in motion the idea of how important High School Football is in the midwest. The historical ramifications lead a dominating victory, 94-6.

    Winner: Friday Night Lights

    (2) Rudy vs (31) Heaven Can Wait

    Could Rudy and Remember the Titans be on a collision course with each other? Based on the results of each contest that could be a pretty safe assumption. Unless you hate the University of Notre Dame, it’s pretty difficult to find anything wrong with this movie. Rudy gets going early and often in a 92-8 win.

    Winner: Rudy

    (15) We Are Marshall vs (18) The Express

    This game looked to be on paper as one of the closest match-ups of the tourney. Both of these are very heartfelt and uplifting stories that make us all proud to call ourselves College Football fans. Unfortunately, Syracuse fans will not like how this one ends. Matthew McConaughey and his Thundering Herd get a solid 2nd round victory by the score of 85-15.

    Winner: We are Marshall

    (10) Invincible vs (23) Necessary Roughness

    The battle of the green jerseys lived up to its billing. This has been the closest contest in both the first and second rounds. After going back and forth for 24-hours, Mark Wahlberg and the Eagles make just enough plays down the stretch to defeat the Fighting Armadillos, 56-50.

    Winner: Invincible

    (7) The Blind Side vs (26) Lucas

    The SEC has coined the phrase, “It just matters more.” And, while I’m not a fan of the phrase, it seems to ring true here. Football in the south is a big deal and nothing personifies that more than the story, recruitment, and life of Michael Oher. Having Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw around doesn’t hurt either. The Blind Side reign supreme here, 89-11.

    Winner: The Blind Side

    (3) The Longest Yard vs (30) When the Game Stands Tall

    The Longest Yard has a very real advantage here. This movie is part of a remake that gives our readers two points of context for voting. Whether you are talking about Burt Reynolds in the main role or Adam Sandler this one wasn’t close either. Sandler and Reynolds come out on top, 85-15.

    Winner: The Longest Yard

    (14) Undefeated vs (19) Concussion

    While not being a true football movie in terms of following an individual coach, player, or teams career this is a groundbreaking effort. Will Smith leads the charge here as a very important message especially as we think about life after football. That powerful message brings a close victory over Undefeated, 60-40.

    Winner: The Best of Times

    (11) Knute Rockne, All-American vs (22) The Freshman

    How would the Golden Domer enthusiasts react if down the line Knute Rockne, All-American faced off against Rudy? We have some time before that match-up could present itself so let’s shift our focus back to the game at hand. Can a freshman really win out against one of the best coaches of all-time? Not today, as Knute Rockne, wins the day by a score of 66-34.

    Winner: Knute Rockne, All-American

    (6) Jerry Maguire vs (38) The Best of Times

    Our final second-round game turned out to be a dominating performance yet again by another blue-blood. From “Show me the money” to “You had me from hello” Jerry Maguire is one of the iconic sports films around. They make quick work of The Best of Times by the final count of 91-9.

    Winner: Jerry Maguire

    Sweet 16 Matchups

    As we roll into the sweet 16, below is the lineup for each match-up. Each match-up will up on our official Twitter page, @lastwordoncfb each day to vote and contribute to the overall winner of the tournament. Please give us a follow and be a part of crowning our champion.

    (1) Remember the Titans vs (16) Any Given Sunday
    (9) Varsity Blues vs (25) Little Giants
    (13) The Replacements vs (19) The Program
    (5) Friday Night Lights vs (12) The Waterboy
    (2) Rudy vs (15) We are Marshall
    (7) The Blind Side vs (10) Invincible
    (3) The Longest Yard vs (19) Concussion
    (6) Jerry Maguire vs (11) Knute Rockne, All-American




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