Teez Tabor 2017 Draft Profile

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Height: 6’0″
Weight: 199 pounds
School: Florida

Teez Tabor 2017 Draft Profile

The Florida Gators secondary was led by a pair of potential first round picks in Jalen “Teez” Tabor and Quincy Wilson. Both of these guys are good enough to be the first corner off the board. Tabor may possess a slight edge over his secondary mate, which just speaks to the depth of the unit. A feisty brand of man coverage allows him to make a high volume of plays while allowing few catches, leaving opposing quarterbacks the desire to throw elsewhere.

The way Tabor mirrors routes is extremely polished and impressive. It’s almost as if he and his man are tied together because of how little separation he allows. Those first few steps backpedaling are faster and smoother than the average corner, which keeps him in good position, and he is extremely quick flipping his hips and transitioning into running the route with his matched receiver.

Another element to Tabor’s game worth noting is his ball skills. He loves to get a hand on the ball, which leads to plenty of interceptions and pass break-ups. His nose for the football is on great display as he picks off this screen pass, a play teams use specifically for how difficult it is to intercept it. Great positioning throughout the course of a play allows Tabor to be in the right place at the right time to consistently make plays on the ball, and that’s a trait coveted by NFL teams. Turnovers can be absolutely game defining and this Florida corner has a knack for forcing them.

Versatility is yet another highlight in Tabor’s skill set. In college he lined up outside, in the slot, and even against the tight end from time to time. The athleticism and skills are there to line up against both small, speedy receivers and big physical guys, which allows Tabor to be effective against any kind of player at any spot on the field. This versatility could allow him to be a team’s future number one corner.


  • Extremely adept at mirroring routes.
  • Doesn’t allow much separation.
  • Ball hawk.
  • Always has a hand on or near the ball.
  • Feisty, high energy play.
  • Impressive closing burst in off coverage.
  • Fast enough to keep up with receivers downfield.
  • Good positioning.


  • Poor tackling.
  • Lapses in judgment.
  • Ineffective against the run.
  • Less effective in zone coverage.
  • Some character concern (two suspensions in college).

NFL Comparison: A larger Jason Verrett

Teams With Need at Position: Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins

Projection: first round

Bottom Line

Teez Tabor is a fluid athlete with the size, speed, and physical tools to excel as a cornerback in the NFL. He’s sticky in man coverage and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time to make plays when the ball is thrown his way. Occasional lapses in judgment and tackling issues plague him, but the exquisite ball skills in his arsenal allow him to make up for his mistakes. If Tabor can refine his tackling technique and become more effective in the run game, he has the potential to be a stud at corner in the NFL.